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Details Recent Advances in Parallel Virtual Machine and Message Passing Interface: 9th European PVM/MPI User's Group Meeting Linz, Austria, September 29 - ... (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)

Recent Advances in Parallel Virtual Machine and Message Passing Interface Compiled from the proceedings of the 9th European PVM/MPI Users' Group Meeting, this volume contains 61 papers and abstracts. Coverage includes Corss Grid, Par Sim, application ...

56,95 EUR*
Details The Queen of Sheba’s Round Table: A study of the most favoured daughters of Eve (Europäische Hochschulschriften / European University Studies / Publications Universitaires Européennes)

The Queen of Sheba's Round Table is in no way intended as an imitation or gender sensitive counterpart of King Arthur's famous colloquium but is a virtual meeting of spiritually noble ladies presenting their illustrious life stories. The purpose of ...

10,60 EUR*
Details Virtual War: The Virtual War Chronologs--Book 1 (Virtual War Chronologs (Paperback))

Virtual War In a future world where global contamination has necessitated limited human contact, three young people with unique genetically engineered abilities are teamed up to wage a war in virtual reality. Full description

79,00 EUR*
Details A Virtual / Augmented Reality System with Kinaesthetic Feedback: Virtual Environment with Force Feedback System

A Virtual / Augmented Reality System with Kinaesthetic Feedback Virtual reality (VR) technology enables humans to visually observe and interact with computer generated virtual environments (VE), which simulate physical or imaginary surroundings ...

172,99 EUR*
Details Multi-User Virtual Environments for the Classroom: Practical Approaches to Teaching in Virtual Worlds

Multi-User Virtual Environments for the Classroom Multi-User Virtual Environments for the Classroom: Practical Approaches to Teaching in Virtual Worlds highlights the work of educators daring enough to teach in these digital frontiers. Instructors ...

24,14 EUR*
Details Virtual Janitor in-line kit - Verwendet in Kombination mit Virtual Janitor

Virtual Janitor in-line kit Mithilfe des in-line kits kann die Kombination aus Duft-und antimikrobiellen Stoffen direkt über das Fallrohr eingeleitet werden und kontinuierlich für eine hygienische Umgebung sorgen. - Leichte Installation - Unauffällig ...

52,85 EUR*
Details Virtual Teams: People Working Across Boundaries with Technology

Virtual Teams Virtual Teams, Second Edition emphasizes the importance of focusing first on people rather than technology when trying to make a virtual workplace happen. Successful virtual companies observe the "The 90/10 Rule. " It's 90% people and ...

42,99 EUR*
Details Designing Virtual Worlds

Designing Virtual Worlds This is a comprehensive treatment of virtual world design to date, from a pioneers and design consultants. Full description

81,49 EUR*
Details E-Learning and Virtual Science Centers

E-Learning and Virtual Science Centers E-Learning and Virtual Science Centers addresses an aspect of Web-based education that has not attracted sufficient attention in the international research literature that of virtual science centers, the ...

1764,00 EUR*
Details Faber Opti-Virtual 360° Elektrokamin

Der Opti-Virtual 360° Elektrokamin mit Rundumsicht von faber im Überblick: ### Angaben zum Elektroeinsatz - Opti-Virtual Flammeneffekt mit 360° Rundumsicht (die Flamme ist über 180° sichtbar) - "Peppers Ghost"-Prinzip - Keine Heizleistung ...

9,48 EUR*
Details Virtual Rides 2: Der Fahrgeschäft-Simulator

Virtual Rides 2 ist die lang erwartete Fortsetzung zur Fahrgeschäfts-Simulation Virtual Rides. Steuere fünf einzigartige Fahrgeschäfte auf einem komplett simulierten Volksfest. Schlendere entlang an den zahlreichen Buden und schaue den virtuellen ...

593,06 EUR*
Details International Handbook of Virtual Learning Environments (Springer International Handbooks of Education)

International Handbook of Virtual Learning Environments: Vol. 1 & 2 This book explores Virtual Learning Environments, and their relationships with real life and virtual worlds. The coverage ranges across a broad spectrum of philosophical perspectives ...

38,99 EUR*
Details Managing in Virtual Organizations

Managing In Virtual Organizations The virtual organization is a new and dynamic form of organization which is threatening to challenge more conventional forms of business organization. This book explores and simplifies the challenges of managing ...

12,99 EUR*
Details Virtual XI


18,26 EUR*
Details Virtual Reality

ARILYN Virtual Reality CD

23,20 EUR*
Details Virtual 11

Iron Maiden - Virtual 11 [Japan CD] WPCR-80028